Our Story

When ancient wisdom meets modern remedy.

JAHMU was inspired on the streets of Bali and developed in Hong Kong after discovering the art of jamu from local Balinese street sellers. A system of traditional herbal recipes passed down from generation to generation, to promotes inner and outer health, beauty, and optimal wellness.

We set the intention to share the art of this golden tonic with the rest of the world. After numerous trips back to Bali, learning hands on with local healers, and a lot of refining to perfect our recipe, the first vibrant turmeric tonic was created.

Handcrafted in small batches, we continue to stay authentic to the Indonesian recipe to produce the purest and most nourishing plant-based health tonics.

We are continually learning. Therefore, we continue to broaden perspectives by bringing some of the planets most powerful plant-based ingredients directly from Bali to reconnect YOU with the goodness of our Earth.