Wake up feeling golden with this DIY recipe.




Start your morning off with this vibrant and earthy golden bowl loaded with power properties from our girl @nourisheats. If you’re into slightly sweet-tart smoothies with a kick of ginger, this golden smoothie bowl is the one for you!


Super hydrating


Vitamin- + Nutrient-packed

Bright orange



Naturally Sweet


GINGER // stomach soother, immune booster, infection fighter, anti-inflammatory badass
TURMERIC // Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant-rich, battles cystic fibrosis, free radical-fighting, lowers cholesterol
BANANA// Digestion aid, potassium-packed, lowers blood pressure, healthy carbs, tastes like candy
PERMISSION// Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidizing, lowers blood pressure, vanilla party in the mouth

The key ingredients to this recipe is turmeric powder and ginger, here is what you need:

1 1/2 frozen banana.
1 frozen permission fruit.
2 tbsp of turmeric powder.
1 tbsp of ginger powder.
splash of water.
handful of ice cubes.

Put em’ all into a blender. Et, voila! #NOURISHED GET JAHMUED-UP!

About Joanna

Joanna, the creator behind instagram foodie @nourisheats has always had an interest in healthy eating. She loves to create healthy recipes, especially smoothie bowls. Working full time in a fast paced city like Hong Kong, she has focused on creating simple meals using her favourite ingredients, these include; fresh and frozen fruits, superfoods, granolas and many more. She wish to influence and inspire others in living a healthy lifestyle and to show them how easy it is to enjoy and make healthy foods.

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